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About Mindboss

Mindboss is a social enterprise focusing on empowering youth to take charge of their mindset and wellbeing.


We do this by facilitating strategy-based workshops, tailored to suit students in upper primary through to Year 12, that help students to:

  • Navigate social media without losing themselves in the process

  • Develop positive coping techniques that they can call upon when faced with setbacks and loss

  • Purposefully redirect and reframe their thoughts to challenge negative thinking patterns

  • Move forward without feeling weighed down by the pressure to know it all right now



Mindboss offers workshops, aligned with the Australian Health Curriculum, that aim to support young people in developing a toolkit of positive coping strategies for when life gets tough.

All workshops generally run for 45 - 60 minutes and can be tailored to suit students in upper primary through to Year 12.


Our 'Why?'

Being a young person today comes with a set of challenges unique to this generation. 

The issues that all adolescents before them have wrangled with remain, yet, the modern world has introduced a more complicated layer to daily living.
Young people are often tethered to their devices, which in turn creates a pattern of reliance on others for validation, and only fleeting moments to be truly alone and reflective. What this means for self-awareness and self-esteem is playing out all around us.

Statistics highlight that 1 in 4 adolescents and 1 in 7 primary school children in Australia experience mental ill-health. It’s because of these realities that we feel motivated to help. Where better to have these conversations than in schools?

The flow-on effect when it comes to prioritising mental health in schools has been evidenced in Australia and internationally, showing positive impacts  on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, creativity and academic achievement. 

 Purposefully  redirect  and reframe 
your thoughts 

 to challenge   negative   thinking   patterns 


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